Castle Wood School

Transforming the lives of pupils through learning, innovation, inclusion and partnerships

Outstanding teaching is characterised by lively creative and imaginative learning (Ofsted 2015). Parents are well supported by the school and partnership working between home and school is very strong (Ofsted 2015). Pupils individual needs are met very effectively by diligent staff and exciting activities (Ofsted 2015). Senior leaders and governors have created a positive learning climate enabling pupils to thrive (Ofsted 2015). Pupils are enthusiastic learners (Ofsted 2015). Lessons are typified by a wide range of creative stimulating and interesting activities for pupils (Ofsted 2015). Parents are well supported by the school, and partnership working between home and school is very strong Parents hold the school in high regard (Ofsted 2015).


Senior Leadership

Yvonne McCall

Head Teacher

Rebekah Hayes

Acting Deputy Head

Suzanne Kavanagh

Assistant Head

Lorraine Rutherford

Early Years Lead

Sandra Gourley

Children and families manager (extended schools)


 Middle Leadership

Stacey Rutherford

Lower school

Louise Dewis

Middle school

Rachel Adshead

Upper school

Heidi Meyer

Autism Teaching and Learning Lead





Office staff

Deleen Tandy

Admin officer

Kay Gordon

Clerical Assistant 

Sandra Docherty

Admin Assistant (HR)

Terina Fellows

Admin Assistant (Pupil)

Joanne Glenn





Extended schools

Tiffany Beck

Play worker












Non-class based staff

Teresa Cuffaro

Learning Mentor

Lisa Wilson

Intervention support

Caroline Mason

Intervention support

Linda Woodfield


Russell Whittle

ICT Technician

Andrew Gardner-Orr

Site Services Officer



Class 1

Eily Kerrigan

Team Leader

Jodie Dunn

Team Leader

Lisa Aston

Marion Craythorn

Rhonda Barnes

Alison Bowerman





Class 2

Anna Shanley

Team leader

Catherine Goffin (Friday)

Gaynor Evans

Kate Flynn

Michelle Rowlett

Megan Collett 







Class 3













Class 4

Florie Roman

Team leader

Sam Carey

Rebekah Evans









Class 5

Rachel Johnson

Team Leader

Jane Bird

Linda Wilkinson







Class 6

Julie Duckett

Team Leader

Rachel Armitage

Denise Mundy


  Class 7

Gill Rogers

Team Leader

Danielle Huggins-Ward

Charlotte McDonagh





Class 8

Cherie Chandly

Team Leader

Jane Burton

Sue Harrison

Callum McKoewn




Class 9

Dawn Lavigna

Team Leader

Ruth Baber

Theresa Cresswell





Class 10

Sarah Connelly

Team Leader

Tracey Ward

Kelly Carey

Dawn Trickett (Monday)




Class 11

Natasha Morris

Team Leader

Ajimi Houseim

Eva Ward



Class 12

James Gourley

Team Leader

Sharon Jaques

Kate Gardner


Class 13

Team Leader

Jenny Ridley 

Donna Goodreid

Class 14

Emma Denny

Team Leader

Vikki Ferry

Becky Poole

Class 15

Richard Cosby

Team leader

Gemma Dumbleton

Lesley Smith


Class 16

Emma Haywood

Team Leader

Nikki Shea

Rita Bhikhi

Caroline Cosby(Friday)