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Outstanding teaching is characterised by lively creative and imaginative learning (Ofsted 2015). Parents are well supported by the school and partnership working between home and school is very strong (Ofsted 2015). Pupils individual needs are met very effectively by diligent staff and exciting activities (Ofsted 2015). Senior leaders and governors have created a positive learning climate enabling pupils to thrive (Ofsted 2015). Pupils are enthusiastic learners (Ofsted 2015). Lessons are typified by a wide range of creative stimulating and interesting activities for pupils (Ofsted 2015). Parents are well supported by the school, and partnership working between home and school is very strong Parents hold the school in high regard (Ofsted 2015).

School Council

Choosing the Christmas Card Design - 24.11.17

The School Council met to choose the Castle Wood Christmas card designs for each of the 3 phases across school. Pupils said `hello` to each other first and using the individual photographs, were able to point or `eye point` to the peer who was being introduced. The Councillors were shown winning designs from previous years which had been produced by some of their peers. Children spotted a friends name on a card “he’s is in my class.” Pupils enjoyed looking and touching all the cards.

We began by looking at all the entries from Lower Phase and pupils could either make their choices by a `thumbs up` or `thumbs down`- some liked to say “yes” or “no” if they liked a picture, while others used eye pointing to indicate their preference. This was repeated with Middle and Upper Phase card designs, while pupils kept the scores.

One pupil was very definite is his “yes” for lots of the festive pictures but then became more discerning and said “NO!” Another pupil worked better when supported by an adult as he was reluctant to join the group at the table, but was clearly interested in what was happening and came over to make his choices with her. Another pupil also participated with verbal encouragement from a student who he was familiar with and made great eye contact and verbalised when he liked what he was looking at.

There was a tie for designs from Lower and Upper, so the Councillors were asked to pick one from the 2 pictures with the highest number of votes and eventually we had a winning design for each Phase, which you can see below!


This year Castle Wood School invited Moat House School Council to join us for joint School Council meetings, as it had been so successful last year. This was an opportunity for this year’s Councillors to take part in sharing ideas and discussing what we could do together. 

In preparation for the first visit, we met to discuss what they would like to do when Moat House pupils came to visit our school. Jake thought about what happens when people visit his family at home. We say “hello” and he wanted to have “water and squash” Jake helped to sequence the symbols and Beto and Katie gave the plan a `thumbs up`.

On the day, pupils showed their hospitality to our special guests, 4 Year 6 pupils and Miss Hall, while everyone introduced themselves either verbally or by using their photographs.  The Councillors from Moat House School had really enjoyed their tour of our School and had particularly liked seeing the sensory garden last year.  Jake was keen to show his friends our soft play area. Sheridan thought that the Moat House children would like to see the playground and swimming pool.

Miss Hall had suggested that they could bring some of their games over to play outside together and arrived on the second visit with Connect 4 and other games. As we spent some time exploring the Sensory Garden and the new creative additions from the recent Arts Project, we decided to save the games for another day and arranged to meet again for a session on the playground in the sunshine together.