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Governor's Strategy Day


On Saturday 9th October, the full board of Governor's returned to the school site for a strategy day. Led by the Senior Leadership Team, there was a full tour of the school site taking in all classrooms, outside areas and reviewing recent building work and projects as well as strategic discussions on what comes next for Castle Wood. 


An overview from our Chair of Governors is below:

This meeting was held on Saturday morning, and was attended by all the Governors, and the Senior Leadership Team. For many governors, it was the first meeting that we have been all together at school for two years, as during the pandemic all Boards meetings have been conducted electronically by Teams. Enjoyable to see everyone. 

We spent time being guided through the school, noticing the improvements that have been made to the school buildings, the new layout of classrooms, and the better outdoor facilities. The displays of work that the staff had put out showed great awareness of student’s progress, the staff’s acknowledgement of the uniqueness of each child, and the reflection of that in the range of equipment, and teaching resources.  

After our tour, we were able to have an in-depth discussion of the future plans for the school, including quality teaching, continued improvements to the learning environment, and opportunities to widen what we can offer to students, parents and staff.  

It was a useful, productive meeting, which will guide the decisions of Governors through the coming year. 

Meg Chapman. Chair of Governors.