Castle Wood

Together, children first...

Curriculum Design

In designing our curriculum, we have been driven by four main questions:

  • What do we know about our pupils?
  • What does our experience, skill and passion tell us about what our pupils need?
  • What is the knowledge, attributes, and skills we believe our pupils need to improve their life chances?
  • What research ideas do we believe delivers best practice for the education of our pupils?


Our curriculum design is intended to develop children so they can:

  • Build positive relationships with others so they have a sense of belonging, feeling secure, valued, and able to enjoy the wider world.
  • Become confident communicators so they can articulate their feelings and views and take a full, active role in society.
  • Be independent so they are prepared for tomorrow's possibilities, have agency over their choices and be visible in their community.
  • Become resilient so they can solve problems, develop curiosity, take risks, and experience new adventures in the wider world.
  • Be effective learners so they gain the knowledge, skills, and attributes they need to lead happy, fulfilled lives in society.
  • Build creativity so they are aware of their emotions and motivations, building their knowledge of their whole self and how this expression can be shared in their community.


To meet the broad-spectrum of need our curriculum has four identified pathways:

The lines between the pathways are porous.  A child may work mainly in one pathway, but a teacher will dip into other pathways where there is a need to consolidate or expand knowledge.  This ensures that no child is inhibited in their progress.  Across each pathway, curriculum documents for all areas of learning outline the learning intentions we want children to learn and remember.


Due to the broad-spectrum nature of need at Castle Wood an individual child's development and accrual of skills and knowledge is not necessarily linear.  Therefore, our curriculum allows for a spiral effect whereby the intentions above are revisited throughout a child's time at Castle Wood.  This continual revisiting strengthens the connectivity and purpose of our curriculum.