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Learning Environments

Learning environments at Castle Wood school are carefully planned and organised to enable all our pupils to develop in all aspects of their learning, emotional wellbeing, physical skills and independence.

Our classrooms are organised into Year groups and Key Stages. We have 2 Reception classes, Key Stage 1 we have classes of Year 1 and 2 pupils. Key Stage 2 is split into Lower Key Stage 2 with classes of Year 3 and 4 pupils and Upper Key Stage 2 with classes of Year 5 and 6 pupils. The Laceys is for pupils with physical and or medical learning needs for pupils from Reception to Year 6.

When organising classes by Year groups, careful consideration is taken into pupil learning needs, medical needs and behaviours.

Learning environments across the school reflect individual pupil learning needs and interests. We use personal interest as a motivator and base to further learning. Our classroom learning environments and outdoor learning spaces reflect our Castle Wood Curriculum by having spaces to focus on Communication, Language and Literacy, Maths and problem solving, developing understanding and attention skills, Self-care and independence skills, positive relationships and sense of self, Knowledge and understanding of the world, physical and sensory development and Creative skills such as art, drama, music and dance.

All of our pupils at Castle Wood School have a special need. Our learning environments are adapted to meet individual learners. Our environments are Autism friendly, support the medical and postural needs of pupils and adaptions are made for hearing and visually impaired.  Communication, routine, boundaries and high expectations are the core of our classroom values to enable our pupils to be kind, helpful, listen and do their best and become as independent as possible.

As the pupils move through their primary school experience they will experience different environmental experiences that challenge, repeat and recall and support the pupil’s ability to generalise their learning beyond the classroom into new environments.

The Laceys 



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Sensory and Physical Facilities




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