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Learning at home


Welcome to Castle Wood home learning page.

Here you can find links to materials, website links, ideas, activities that can support your child with learning at home.

These resources and ideas are divided into the Early Years Foundation Stage seven areas of learning to contribute to the holistic development of your child and support children with a range of needs.

These activities will need to be repeated to provide opportunities for your child to practice and master their skills. You could adapt the activities, so your child is carrying them out with different members of their household or in different locations such as different rooms in the house. You can also repeat the activity and adapt the resources you use.

Please click on the links for each area to find out more and get some information, resources, and ideas about how to support your child’s learning at home.

You can also contact your child’s teacher for more bespoke and specific activities on Class Dojo.

We really value the home learning that you and your child do so please feel free to share your successes and photos with your child’s class teacher on Class Dojo.

We hope you have lots of fun learning together and stay safe.