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Internet Safety

Castle Wood are committed to supporting our children to develop safe skills to use technology to its greatest advantage. We know our children are growing up in a world where technology is part of all aspects of life and can be a really useful tool to help them overcome barriers but we also know that the online world presents risks. 

We are well on our way to becoming a National Online Safety Certified School. This means we are committed to continued training, education and support for everyone in our community. 

On this page you will find links to our Online Safety policy, details of how this may be taught to your children and how it links to our curriculum as well as links to other sites which can help further support the learning around online safety for our community. You will also find links to the parent information pages which will also be shared in other ways with all families. 


Examples of parent guides available are listed below. All parents are invited to sign up to a National Online Safety account either via the app or webpage. For a copy of the sign up letter please contact the school admin team. 


National Online Safety Posters