Castle Wood

Together, children first...

School Day 

At Castle Wood, the day begins at 8.55am when all children are welcomed onto site. Some children will enter via the front entrance of the school with their parents while others will enter via the pupil entrance to the side of the school on transport via the secure service road. 

All children will be warmly greeted by their class team and work will begin on the routines of saying/signing hello and settling into the days activities. 

We do not have a fixed break time, however all children have opportunity to use their classes dedicated outdoor area or the playground at a variety of points throughout the day. 

Lunches can be a packed lunch or a hot school lunch and are eaten with the children's class friends and supported by staff within the classrooms. Lunches take place between 11:45 and 1:00. 

Following this, children then will take part in the afternoon's activities and be prepared to spend some time reflecting on their learning from the day. 

The school day ends at 3.00pm, when children will either be brought to the front of the school to meet their parents or supported to the pupil entrance to get their bus home. 

Total teaching hours each week: 30 hours